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Big Bother Is Bothering You

, , , , | Right | July 19, 2020

I am just finishing my ten-hour shift. I have my lunchbox and personal items with me and my name tag is reversed so I won’t be called on by customers while I make it to the front to clock out. I get up to the front of the store and there is a lady yelling at one of my cashiers. I decide to intervene because I care for my coworkers a lot and I’ve been there the longest.

Me: “Ma’am, is there something I can help you with?”

Customer: “I left my sunglasses I purchased here last night and this cashier can’t find them! I called last night after I made it home and the cashier that helped me said she would put my name on them and put them up for me to pick up!” 

Me: “You don’t have to get loud. I’ll see if I can find them.”

I begin searching the areas we usually put things that are left behind by customers but can’t find them anywhere. I return to the customer with the unfortunate news and offer to refund her for the purchase.


I’ve spent twenty minutes trying to find her stuff and she just keeps standing there staring at me, so I search again, and while I’m searching, she is bantering about how my cashier probably stole them and took them with her because they were already paid for. I tell her that is highly unlikely, seeing that we have security and are bag checked when we leave. I eventually find them in a not-so-common place to keep left items.

Me: “Found them! They were just in a weird spot, so my cashier didn’t steal them like you thought.” 

This customer gets so excited, jumping with joy as I untie the bag and show her the sunglasses. My face is pretty unsympathetic since I’m going on hour ten just to find these glasses.

Customer: “Thanks so much! I was about to go and grab the exact same pair over there and see if I could just take those! Also, your customer service could be better; you acted like I was a bother.” 

Me: “Oh… All right, bye.”

I punched out and walked out the door past her. I may have let the door shut on her while she was walking out.

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