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Big And Beautiful

| Romantic | November 19, 2016

(I’m about four months pregnant and at that awkward stage where I’m just starting to show, so I really just look like I enjoy eating a little too much. Unfortunately, shortly after we found out my boyfriend had to travel for work. We haven’t seen each other in over a month and it’ll be another three weeks before he comes home. We’re on the phone one night when this conversation occurs:)

Boyfriend: “So I got on the scale today and I’ve lost almost ten pounds. Even one of the guys says I look like I’ve slimmed down.”

Me: “That’s great, babe. You’ll come home all sexy and thin and I’ll be here fat and disgusting.”

Boyfriend: “That’s not true. You’re making a baby. You’re beautiful and the baby’s going to make you even more beautiful.”

Me: “No. The baby is just making me look like I eat too much fast food.”

Boyfriend: “Shush. You’re the most beautiful person in the world. Especially first thing in the morning. I love that you’re the first thing I see when I wake up.”

Me: “Pshh. That’s just because we sleep naked.”

Boyfriend: “Babe, you manage to take the entire blanket and cocoon yourself in it every night. The only thing I get to see when we wake up is your beautiful sleeping face.”

(Major points to him for cheering me up when I was feeling miserably alone and fat.)

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