Beware The Wares Of Overreaction

, , , , | Right | January 8, 2020

(I buy something in a store and I plan to pay with my card. I head to the register, which is more like a desk with a cash register and card machine. The card machine is bolted down, most likely since this is an area people tend to steal things that aren’t bolted down. I put my things on the desk and almost at the same time, another customer drops his stuff, as well, right in front of the card machine. He is uncomfortably close, but since he’s tapping on his phone and I’ll be done soon, I don’t mind. I don’t worry he might read my PIN, since we have a tapping system for low amounts, no PIN required.)

Cashier: “That’ll be [low amount], please.”

Me: “Card, please.”

(The cashier readies the machine and I turn to the man. Before I can say anything, he notices me and does a step back.)

Me: “Thank you, but could you please move your things, as well, so I can reach the machine?”

(The man suddenly violently pushes his wares over the counter.)

Other Customer: “Can you reach it now?!”

Me: *smiling* “Yes, thank you.”

(I finished my payment, thanked the cashier, and headed out, while the man gathered the wares again. Glad it wasn’t breakables!)

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