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Beware The Company You Keep

, , | Right | March 28, 2021

Our company rents houses. Of course, people always think they pay too much and get too little. We are used to irate customers. A man enters the building.

Customer: “I have a complaint!”

Me: “Of course, sir. What is the address?”

Customer: “You should know it by now; I’ve been here time after time!”

Me: “I apologise, sir, I see numerous people a day. It’s impossible for me to remember everything.”

Customer: *Sighs* “It’s [address]. You know, I’ve had it with you people! Things are falling apart in my house! And I pay so much! I pay so much and don’t even have a decent house!”

Me: “I’m sorry to interrupt, but I can’t seem to find the address. You said [address], right?”

Customer: “Yeah, I know where I live! I just moved there!”

Me: “It doesn’t seem to be one of our homes.”

Customer: *Looks around* “Wait… this is [Our Company].”

Me: “Yes, it is.”

Customer: “This is not [Other Company].”

Me: “No, it isn’t.”

Customer: *Pauses* “I pay my rent to [Other Company] now… I’m at the wrong office!” *Starts walking away* “Eh, do any of you know how to get to [Other Company]?

Coworker: “Yes, just turn right at the crossroads and then keep on going straight ahead until you reach them.”

Customer: “Thank you. And… please don’t tell [Other Company].”

Me: “We wouldn’t even have the time.”

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