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Beware The Cat Lady And Her Hairy Husband!

, , , , | Friendly | October 11, 2020

I am living in an apartment with my three cats and my husband, a big, bearded guy. Yes, I am sort of a cat lady, and I am very happy that way, thank you.

Next door, just behind a thin wall, lives a young couple with a little son, who can be a bit noisy at night. We hear him quite often, but we make nothing of it as, frankly, we’ve had much worse neighbors.

One day, I meet the neighbor lady outside and we make small talk. In the middle, she drops this:

Neighbor: “I am so, so glad you and your cats live next door! It helps us immensely dealing with our little!”

Me: “How so?”

Neighbor: “Well, when he makes a ruckus in the night, I always say, ‘Shhh, you are waking up the kitties next door!’ and he usually goes quiet.”

Me: *Chuckling* “That is quite sweet.”

Neighbor: “And when that does not help, I add, ‘Be quiet, or the kitty lady’s husband will come to punish you!’”

My husband, the nicest guy I’ve ever met by a huge margin, was genuinely shocked that he was used as a bogeyman for little kids, but at the end… whatever works for you!

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