Better The Devil You Know…

| Learning | January 1, 2016

(On the last day of school, nobody shows up to watch our chemistry class for the first half. Being the well-behaved advanced science students we are, we opt to play charades rather than ditch. On my turn I go up and draw a slip, which says ‘God.’ I proceed to get down on my knees and act like I’m praying, then point upwards.)

Classmate #1: “Angels!”

Classmate #2: “Clouds!”

Classmate #3: “Oh! God!”

Me: *nods and gets up to take my seat, letting [Classmate #3] have her turn*

(A few rounds went by and I ended up at the front again. Imagine my surprise when my slip this time said ‘Satan.’ It took several minutes for me to stop laughing, during which the class just stared at me in bewilderment. Once I calmed down, I did the same thing as last time but pointed downwards. Several people shouted out the correct answer at once, and we all had a good laugh.)

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