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Better Measure Up If You’re Going To Act Like A Tool

, , , | Right | December 4, 2021

I was in the tool aisle of a home improvement chain. There was an actual employee in the aisle next to mine helping another customer. Then, a man walked up to her and tapped her shoulder while she was speaking to the customer she was helping. She told him she would get to him in a moment. He got impatient and huffed and puffed for a minute. I could actually hear him doing this from where I was.

The employee interrupted the first customer to ask the man who’d approached:

Employee: “What do you need?”

Impatient Customer: “What do I need to make a bell siphon?”

For those who don’t know, this is a plumbing device used to automatically suck water out with no mechanics like pumps when water gets to certain levels.

Employee: “I don’t know. You need to go to plumbing.”

She then turned back to help the first customer.

Impatient Customer: *Mad* “You need to help me!”

Employee: “I don’t work in the plumbing department. All I know about what you’re asking is that a siphon is something for water. That’s plumbing. This is tools.”

The man got mad and stormed off. He ended up on my aisle and saw me. I was wearing nothing that said I worked there, other than blue jeans.

Impatient Customer: “Tell me what I need to make a bell siphon.”

I would have helped him had he not just demanded that.

Me: “I don’t work for this store. You need to ask the plumbing department employee.”

Impatient Customer: “I see you all the time in here. YOU ALL NEED TO STOP LYING TO YOUR CUSTOMERS!”

Me: “Okay.”

And I went back to what I was looking for in the tools department.

The man went to some other employee and demanded to see the manager. The manager came over and told him exactly what we both told him.

Manager: “You’re asking in the wrong department, and that person doesn’t work here. I know how to make a bell siphon, though. Can I have your project measurements so I can get the right sized pipes for you?”

The man had to go home and get them because he never bothered to do get measurements before coming to the store for the parts.

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