Better Luck Tomorrow

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(I order something online to pick up in a store. I get an email saying that the order can be picked up that day, while the pickup slip that I need to show says the day after. Since the store is on my way and it’s more convenient for me if I can pick it up that day, I decide to take a gamble and just go. If it’s not there, I can always go tomorrow. I get in line with for cashier, which is also the pickup point. It’s quite crowded, so I patiently wait.)

Me: “Hello. I received an email saying I could pick up my order, but the slip I need to show says tomorrow. I was wondering if it was already in.”

Cashier: “Let me get the manager for you.”

(I step out of the line and wait for the manager. When he comes, he carries along several crates of shipment; clearly, he was unpacking things. He asks my name and order number.)

Manager: “I think I saw it with our shipment. [Employee], could you look for it in the back, while I unpack this?”

Employee: “Sure, can I see the slip?” *I show the pickup slip* “This says tomorrow; you have to come back tomorrow.”

Me: “Oh, but…”

Manager: “[Employee], I think I saw it in the back. Please check.”

Employee: “But the slip says tomorrow! It can’t be there yet!”

Manager: “Please go and check.”

(The employee sighs, goes to the back, and returns after a while. Meanwhile, the manager decides to go in the back, as well.)

Employee: “Yeah, I couldn’t find it. Like it said: it will be delivered tomorrow and not today. It says so on the pickup slip, so you need to come back tomorrow!”

(The tone is quite know-it-all, but I decide to just come back tomorrow.)

Me: “All right, thank you for checking, anyway. I will come back to—“

Manager: *carrying two boxes* “[Employee], it’s the top one.”

Employee: “What? But…”

Manager: “Please give the top box to the lady.”

(The employee gets the box and hands it to me. Not a “here you go,” or whatever, just a sigh.)

Me: “Thank you. I’m glad it showed up. I will let customer service know about the confusing email and slip.”

Employee: “It’s not confusing! It said tomorrow!”

(Clearly not getting anywhere with this employee, I headed to the cash register and checked out my order. When I got home, I had a notification that my order had been picked up successfully that same day!)

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