Better Have A Big Fat Apology, Part 8

| Romantic | September 14, 2015

(After dinner, my boyfriend and I are cuddling in the sitting room, watching TV. We are kissing when I could feel him shaking.)

Me: “Why are you laughing?”

Boyfriend: “Um, how did you know I was laughing?”

(I just look at him.)

Boyfriend: “Okay, okay, but promise not to get mad.”

Me: “Yea, fine, what was it?”

Boyfriend: “I was thinking about the salmon we had for dinner.”

Me: “While we were kissing?”

Boyfriend: *grinning sheepishly* “Yeah.”

Me: *incredulously* “You were thinking of something that isn’t even in the room right now, say, the TV show, or even, me?”

Boyfriend: “Uh…”

Me: *letting him off the hook* “You’re lucky I love you, fatty… And now I’m hungry again.”

Boyfriend: “We’ll both be fat together…”


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