Better Have A Big Fat Apology, Part 11

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I have recently been hit by a gluten allergy that makes me break out in hives and makes the bottom of my feet swell up, so it can be hard to walk. It means I have to be careful about everything I buy, so a lot of my items are marked gluten-free on the container. I’m putting things on the conveyer belt with a growing line behind me. Behind me is a woman who has made rude noises behind me the whole time.

Cashier: “Your total is [high total].”

Me: *Laughing* “Ouch, that’s a kick to the bank account. It kills me that they make gluten-free food so expensive.”

The woman behind me glares at my heavyset body.

Woman: “Maybe if you didn’t follow the diet trends.”

Me: “Excuse me?”

Woman: “I know you fatties think that these fad diets are going to help you. Maybe if you actually put the candy bars down and started being active, you wouldn’t need these diets.”

Cashier: “Ma’am, you’re being rude.”

The customer behind this rude woman speaks up.

Customer: “If you’d look at the spots on her arm, you’d also realize you’re an ignorant b****.”

Woman: *Offended* “Who the f*** are you to talk to me like that? Fat b**** is complaining about high prices.”

Me: “Yeah, I am, because I have to buy this food. I’m gluten intolerant. I break out in hives all over my body if I have it. So I have to eat it so I don’t build up and have my f****** tongue swell up in my mouth.”

Woman: “You’re a f****** liar.”

Me: “I have pictures of my swollen tongue on my phone if you want proof.”

Customer: “Maybe if you’d stop being judgmental, b****, you wouldn’t be making assumptions. Besides, your fat a** could also stand to lose some pounds.”

Woman: *Getting red-faced* “F*** you!”

She slams her cart into my side, which makes me have to stand on my sore foot.

Cashier: “Ma’am, you need to leave now before I call the manager over here.”

Woman: “F*** you, too! F*** all of you. I’m going to find the manager myself!”

As I left, she was standing with the manager, yelling and pointing at me. The manager approached me about hitting the woman and verbally assaulting her just as I was going out. The cashier and I explained the situation to him and he ended up calling the police when she punched him and stormed out. On the plus side, I got a free gift card to the store.

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