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Bet You Dogs To Dollars She’s Lying

, , | Right | October 24, 2020

I go into a gas station to buy a soda. It’s already pretty crowded when I enter, and there’s only one cashier alternating between the regular and lottery purchases line. There’s a blind man with a cane and service dog a few spaces ahead of me. A woman enters and hovers around near the newspapers, staring at him; after he leaves, she approaches me.

Woman: “Oh, honey, could I have two dollars? That dog bit me.”

Not only did the dog get nowhere near her — she moved out of the way when its owner left the store — but she’s wearing shorts and a sleeveless blouse with no visible bite anywhere on her skin. And her tone of voice is completely pleasant, without the slightest bit of distress or pain you’d expect from someone who was apparently just bitten by a large dog. However, I’m on the autistic spectrum and am much too socially awkward to outright say she’s lying, so I just tell her truthfully that I only have exact change for my soda.

Woman: *Still in the same chipper tone of voice* “Okay.”

Then, she goes and starts asking all the other customers around us, using the same line and making no attempt to even act like she is injured. On top of that, after a few people, she starts asking for five dollars instead of two, and then for someone to just buy her a pack of cigarettes! 

Everyone turns her down, and while one or two people ask, “What dog?” or, “Do you need a bandage?”, she just immediately turns around and goes on to the next person.

By that point, the crowd has thinned out a lot more; as soon as she and the cashier lock eyes, she leaves very quickly.

Cashier: “I’m so sorry, everyone. I didn’t hear her until just now.”

Apparently, this woman has a habit of showing up at stores and asking all the customers for money or to cover the cost of her items over the slightest — usually made-up — inconvenience.

The staff at the gas station have been trying to get her banned, but she tends to come when it’s crowded and leaves as soon as a staff member notices her, so they have a hard time getting proof for the higher-ups to allow it.

Even crazier is the fact that she seems to be pretty well-off otherwise because another customer recognized her as having done something similar while buying a huge amount of clothes at a pricey store in the mall.