I Bet The Farm That You’ll Be Fired

, , , | Learning | September 28, 2017

(A student of mine has been giving me non-stop attitude all day and refusing to do work. After three chances, I ask her to stay for second recess so we can talk about her behaviour.)

Me: “What’s up, [Student]? Is everything okay? Why are you acting this way?”

Student: “I just stayed up too late, and I’m too tired this morning, so I don’t want to work.”

Me: “Why were you up so late?”

Student: “I was playing a video game on my DS.”

Me: “I know it’s hard to sleep sometimes, but you have to find a way to stop impacting the rest of your work. I mean, when you grow up and get a job, your boss isn’t going to accept that as an excuse. You will get fired.”

Student: “I just won’t work, then.”

Me: “Are your parents okay with that?”

Student: “They can’t tell me what to do when I move out!”

Me: “How are you going to move out if you don’t have money from a job?”

(The student stares off in silence. Obviously she didn’t think that far ahead.)

Student: “I guess I can work on my grandfather’s farm, then.”

Me: “A farm is a lot of work, you know. What if you tried that excuse on your grandfather?”

Student: *smirks* “My grandfather wouldn’t fire me.”

(Since nothing was getting through to her, I called her mother later to let her know what she said. She assured me that the student’s grandfather would definitely fire her if she tried that.)

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