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Best To Wash Your Hands Of It And Walk Away

| Working | June 22, 2015

(I am in a local grocery store that isn’t very nice, but the prices are low. I need to use the washroom. While in there, an employee comes in, does her business, and leaves without washing her hands. Totally grossed out, I leave without buying anything and send a letter to the corporate office. A couple of weeks later, I receive this reply:)

Letter: “Please accept our apologies for the incident that occurred at [Store]. Enclosed is a gift card for $10.”

(That was fine and all, but I wasn’t looking for a freebie – I was hoping they’d say that they’d have a talk with their staff about the importance of good hygiene, especially if you’re going to be working with food. The kicker was that the ‘$10 gift card’ was actually for $5!)

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