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Best To Nip That One In The Bud

| Related | September 7, 2013

(I am out teaching my brother how to ride a scooter. We are on our way back when he slows down and stops.)

Brother: “My nipples hurt!”

Me: “What? Do you even know where your nipples are?”

Brother: *points to his lower ribs* “They’re here.”

Me: “Those are your RIBS!”

Brother: “But do I have nipples?”

Me: “Uhhh… I guess… but they’re not in your ribs.”

Brother: “But do girls have nipples?”

Me: “Yeah, girls do have them.”

Brother: “But not all the girls have nipples. The ones with the really long hair don’t have nipples!”

Me: “WHAT? Where did you learn that?”

Brother:Sesame Street!”

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