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Best To Let Sleeping Partners Lie

| Romantic | July 22, 2014

(I am currently unemployed. My boyfriend goes to work early and I sleep until 5 pm and go to bed at around 4 am. I hate this schedule and tell him before he goes to sleep to make sure I get up before he leaves for work and that I had to be awake before he left. The next morning:)

Boyfriend: “Hey, sweetie… time to wake up.”

(No response.)

Boyfriend: “Hey, little spoon, time to get out of bed.”

(Still no response so he tries pulling the covers off. I yank them back violently.)

Boyfriend: “Oh, you’re awake! C’mon, time to get up! C’mon, sweetie. C’mon, [My Name].”

Me:  *shakes head no*

Boyfriend: *frustrated* “Last night you told me I needed to wake you up and that it was very important I do, so, c’mon! Get up!”

Me: *suddenly yelling* “WELL, I LIED!”

(He laughed and went to work. Regrettably I woke up at 5 pm.)

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