Best To Just Roll-Call With It

| Learning | October 12, 2013

(My teacher is out for a day due to personal circumstances. The substitute is rather… interesting.)

Substitute: “Alright, let’s get roll-call started. I am filling in for Mr. [Name] today; my name is written on the board. I do the roll-call rather interestingly, you can say either ‘present,’ or whatever interesting phrase you guys come up with. First up, [Classmate #1].”

Classmate #1: “Here?”

Substitute: “I said INTERESTING.”

Classmate #2: *sarcastically* “You’re a beautiful man, Mr. [Name].”

Substitute: “Perfect! So either present, or, ‘You’re a beautiful man, Mr. [Name].'”

(The substitute does not mark you present if you say anything other than those two things. The class got even weirder after that. We never saw him fill in for a teacher again at my school!)

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