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Best To Give Them A Doggy Bag

, , , | Right | July 16, 2020

I’m out of state, visiting my boyfriend before working at a nearby convention. I’ve got an obvious disability; I have leg braces and a clearly-marked service dog. We go out to eat one night, and we’re sitting at a booth, as it’s easier for my dog to tuck that way.

Customer: *Nearby* “The server let in some dumb kid and her dog. I’m gonna say something.”

The customer’s wife glares daggers at me. Our server starts to come over but gets flagged down by the other customer.

Customer: “Sir, sir! That b**** has a dog where I’m trying to eat!

Server: “Sir, that’s a service dog. While I don’t know why she has it, what it does, or the severity of the disability, I cannot ask her to remove the dog or herself from the building unless they’re causing a disturbance.”

Customer: “They’re disturbing me! I don’t want to eat if you let dogs in!”

The customer’s wife is looking embarrassed.

Server: “Did they say something to you?”

Customer: “No, but they brought a dog in! I’m disturbed!”

The server goes and gets a manager.

Manager: “Sir, you have two options. You can either stop causing a scene or leave. That couple and their service dog have not interacted with you.”


Finally, his wife speaks up.

Customer’s Wife: “You’re going to go get in the car and shut the f*** up. Can you bring me the bill? And ring up a dessert or two for that lovely couple my d**khead husband has clearly embarrassed.”

Our server apologized, and on top of the free dessert, we got another discount on our food. When we came back on my next visit, the same server joked that I was disturbing him.

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