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The Best of Unfiltered 2017

| Right | February 8, 2018

We get so many submissions at Not Always Right!  Unfortunately, as much as we’d love to take them all, we just can’t.  It breaks our hearts!

We created Not Always Right Unfiltered as a place where we could let people see the terrific stories we get that we just can’t fit into our regular pages.

Here are our editors’ picks for the best stories to come through the Unfiltered pages in 2017.  Enjoy!

Let us know in the poll below what your favorite of the bunch is, and we’ll edit it and promote it to the main feed!

Warning: Unfiltered stories are unedited and often have spelling and grammatical errors. They also may contain language that some people may find offensive.

Respecting other cultures goes both ways.

If you’re going to get busted for drinking, at least be drinking.

Overprotective dog is adorable dog.

Don’t judge a teacher by his cover.

A bad dentist will not make you smile.

Rock On, little one!

When the customer knows the cook better than the counter workers.

Why Owners Should Rule The World, Unfiltered Edition.

The best customers are the ones you remember most.

When your friend wants gold-plated lemons, be sure to give them lemonade!

The “Caution” tape is just there for decoration, right?


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