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Best Not To Pursue This Younique Vector

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After several years of not being in contact, a friend from college messages me on social media.

Friend: “Hey, girl! How’s it going?”

Me: “I’m good. How are you?”

Friend: “I’m great. Hey, listen. I just partnered with this great company and I obviously thought of you right away. I’d love to schedule with you sometime to tell you more.”

Me: “What is it?”

Friend: “Oh, it’s a lot of info to go over via text. What about lunch tomorrow?”

Me: “I don’t know. What’s the company’s name?”

Friend: “I’ll tell you all about it when we see each other.”

Me: “You can’t even tell me what the company is? This sounds weird… like, pyramid-scheme weird.”

Friend: “Oh, no, I’d never do that to you!”

Me: “How did you get involved?”

Friend: “Oh, [Her Friend] told me.”

Me: “What made you think of me?”

Friend: “Like I said, it’s a lot. Can you meet?”

Me: “Not unless you tell me the company’s name.”

Friend: “Why is that so important? Don’t you trust me?”

Me: “We haven’t spoken in at least eight years. You came out of the blue saying you have something to show me but you can’t tell me anything about it. Why should I do this?”

Friend: “Because it’s a great opportunity!”

Me: “Then tell me the company’s name!”

Friend: “Look. Just meet with me. I’ll explain everything.”

Me: “No, thanks. Good luck with your mystery business.”

Friend: “All right. Your loss!”

She blocked me.

I found out through a few mutual friends that she was trying to sell a popular pyramid scheme company. Not sure how she’s making out with it, but I hope she’s found a less shady way to make money.

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