The Best Babysitter Since Sliced Bread

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(I have a second cousin who is autistic, and is about five years old. He often comes to family parties, and I’m usually the one to watch him, since I’m decent with kids and he likes being with me. His mom appreciates the break, and I have fun playing with him. At this particular party, my dad has made focaccia, an Italian bread that is made in a baking pan. It’s about an inch thick, and you eat it by itself. My cousin and his mom have just arrived, so I grab two pieces of focaccia and give one to him. His mom smiles at me.)

His Mom: “Good luck getting him to eat that. He won’t eat bread by itself.”

(This isn’t out of the ordinary, since my second cousin is extremely picky. However, I am still pretty embarrassed, and secretly wish I had asked first. Although he isn’t really eating it, my cousin still wants to hold the bread, so I let him keep it as we go to the basement. In the basement, my cousin wants to play with the exercise machine. He gives me his focaccia, which he has nibbled on, but hasn’t actually eaten. On a whim, I tear off a small piece and give it to him. To my surprise, he eats it! I am very surprised, but rather cheerful, since that means the bread won’t go to waste. Piece by tiny piece, my cousin finishes that piece of bread, until it is gone. I tell his mom what happened.)

Me: “…and he ate the piece! Turns out, he just didn’t like biting it!”

(His mom gives me a funny look.)

His Mom: “Sooo… When do you want to start babysitting him?”

(Since they live about an hour and a half away, I haven’t gotten the chance to watch him yet, but I do hope to watch him soon!)

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