Bending Over Backward For Busybodies On The Bus

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(When I am fifteen, I am diagnosed with scoliosis, which requires some rather heavy physiotherapy. To prevent the condition from degenerating, I have to wear a back brace that wraps around my torso, paired with an undershirt to prevent it from chafing at my skin. It’s a surprisingly hot day, and after an entire day spent running errands, I am exhausted and soaked in sweat, and I can’t wait to get home so that I can take my brace off for a bit. I get on the bus and sit down on a priority seat. It should be noted that up, until now, nobody has had any issues with me sitting there.)  

Lady: “You shouldn’t be sitting there.”

Me: “Excuse me?”

Lady: “Move. They’re for injured and disabled people. You shouldn’t be sitting there.”

Me: “Ma’am, I assure you that I have every right to sit there. Please leave me alone.”  

Lady: “Bulls***! You’re young and healthy. You can sit somewhere else. Now move!”  

(I’m getting fed up.)

Me: “You know what? Fine. You want proof so badly?”  

(I stand up, look right into her eyes, and rap as hard as I can on my brace twice through my shirt, loud enough for her to hear. She blanches, eyes widening. I then turn around and lift up a portion of my shirt, enough to reveal one of the three straps keeping my brace secured. I turn back around, tuck my shirt into place, and sit down.)  

Me: “I have to wear a brace because of my scoliosis. It’s hot out, and having to wear two extra layers doesn’t help. Now, can you please stop being a judgmental a**hole, and go mind your own d*** business?”  

(She shut up, sat down, and refused to look in my general direction for the rest of the ride.)

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