Belong In The Car Fool Lane, Part 2

| Friendly | November 28, 2015

(I am in the parking lot going into the store. I have really short hair and I park in a handicap parking lot. I have had numerous surgeries, which is why I have a handicap spot, and chemo, so I don’t have much hair. It’s really a boy’s cut.)

Woman: “Excuse me, miss! I need the parking spot more than your disrespectful self.”

Me: “Excuse me?”

Woman: “You heard me! You have no right to park there! I deserve it more than you.”

Me: “I’m sorry, ma’am, but I don’t know what you mean.”

Woman: “You’re just parking there so you don’t have to walk. You don’t even have anything wrong with you! You probably just got that haircut so people will think you have cancer and feel sorry for you.”

Me: “Actually… I had cancer and I have had many surgeries causing me to need this—”

Woman: “YOU’RE SO F****** DISRESPECTFUL! Get over yourself! You know nothing is wrong with you. C***!”

(The lady stormed off and I still have no clue what just happened.)


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