Believes In It In Spirit

| Romantic | May 7, 2017

(My girlfriend and I are at the end of an evening stroll. She is pagan, which I’m curious about but not sold on, and I decide to ask about it.)

Me: “Why did you say the other day that I can be a witch? Don’t you have to believe in magic and spirits and all that to call yourself a witch?”

Girlfriend: “No.”

(The conversation turns to something else, but a few minutes later I get the feeling I’m being followed and turn around to see nobody.)

Me: “That’s weird. I could sense someone behind me.”

Girlfriend: “That was a passing spirit.”

Me: “Oh, no! They didn’t take what I said as an insult, did they?”

(A minute later we were safely home and laughing at my not wanting to offend something I don’t believe in.)

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