Belaboring The Obvious

, | | Right | November 28, 2007

Customer: “Hi, I’m looking for a book.”

Me: “Yeah, I know. You called a bookstore.”

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  • Trillium

    He’s looking for a book, not for an asshole.

    • Dsru Bin

      They sell pron at a number of bookstores, as well.

  • JB

    Most bookstores also sell stationery and magazines, even CDs and DVDs. For all we know the caller wants to know about the singing birthday cards before he specified books.

  • Stephanie Trump

    I understand customers can be annoying, but that was just plain rude

  • Medusa Jordan

    Agree with other comments – rude and unnecessary.

  • Kate Avery

    as a bookstore veteran, nope, you suck. At best, this falls into “things you think and don’t say.” But really, you were just unnecessarily snarky. Aside from the fact that bookstores do tend to sell other things as well, sometimes customers just don’t know how to begin an interaction. That’s why you get so many people asking you if you work there when very clearly you do. Just roll with it. Trust me, you’ll be hearing “i’m looking for a book” a lot.