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Belaboring A Point Until It Gives Birth, Grows Up, And Has Babies Of Its Own

, , , | Right | February 23, 2010

(I work for a phone provider. If someone wants to change their number it’s $20, unless they are being harassed, which most of them say they are anyway to avoid paying.)

Me: “Hello. Thank you for calling [Phone Provider]. My name is [My Name]. How can I help you today?”

Caller: “Hi, yes. I want to change my phone number.”

Me: “Sure thing, I can definitely help you with that. Why are you changing it? Harassment or just want something new?”

Caller: “Oh, I just want a new number.”

Me: “Sure thing. Before I continue, I should inform you It’s a $20 charge.”

Caller: “WHAT!? But I’m being harassed! Calls at all times of the night! Swearing at me! And you want to charge me? That’s outrageous!”

Me: “Sorry to hear that, sir. In cases of harassment, we do have the option to waive that charge.”

Caller: “I can’t believe you are going to charge me!”

Me: “No, sir, I’d be more than happy to remove the charge.”

Caller: “This is ridiculous!” *speaks to someone in background* “Hey! They are going to charge us $20 to change our number!”

Other Person: “What!? That’s insane!”

Me: “Sir, I can waive the charge. You won’t have to pay it.”

Caller: “You are sick doing this to me. You know what? I’m going to another company. Then they will install me and give me a new number for free!”

Me: “Sir, I can waive the fee. It will be removed. You will not have to pay it. It will be $0.”

Caller: “Oh! So NOW that I’m going to another company you’ll waive it. You people are despicable! Good day!” *hangs up*

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