Being Underwater Can Cause Disney Spells

| Romantic | July 28, 2012

(I’m visiting my boyfriend for his birthday, and we’re in the pool with several of his friends. I’m very tall for a girl, and he’s a bit short, so it’s virtually impossible for him to lift me normally. He discovers that in the water, he can hold me in the ‘princess carry’ without a problem. His friends spot us.)

Friend #1: “Hey guys! Look! A romantic moment.”

Friend #2: “Interrupt it!” *starts splashing us*

Friend #1: “No! We have to sing ‘Kiss the Girl!’”

(They all start trying to sing.)

Me: “None of you know the words, do you?”

Friend #3: “No. Caaaaan you feeeeeel the loooooove toniiiiight? Something, something…”

Me: “Or that one either.”

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