Being The Butt Of The Joke

| Romantic | March 7, 2012

(I am a very petite and very slender woman, being about 5’2 and 100 pounds. I have no butt to speak of. My boyfriend and I are at home.)

Boyfriend: “Those jeans make your butt look really nice.”

Me: “Thank you!”

Boyfriend: “Yeah, I guess tight jeans do a lot for girls with the potential for nice butts.”

Me: “Wait, are you saying I have the potential for a nice butt? As in ‘my butt isn’t nice, but it could be?’”

Boyfriend: “Well, yeah. But your butt is potentially nice and those jeans allow it to reach its potential.”

Me: “Darling, shut up. Stop talking. Go back to where you said my butt looked nice and just don’t say anything else. Trust me, when you get to keep getting laid regularly, you’ll be glad you did.”

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