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Being Polite Right Up To My Face

| Friendly | August 13, 2016

(We are waiting in line for face painting with our four year old. As we near the front, someone clearly cuts in. As it’s free and a nice day we don’t cause a fuss. The face painter sees this but carries on anyway.)

Face Painter: “So, what would you like today, little boy?”

Boy: “Batman!”

Face Painter: “Okay.”

(She paints a very basic yellow and black style with the logo on.)

Face Painter: “Thank you, bye.”

(The boy and his parent disappear without a work of thanks.)

Face Painter: “And what would you like, little girl?”

Daughter: “Could I be a cat, please?”

Face Painter: “Of course you can.”

(She spends ages laying up colours, and chatting to my daughter. The result is the best we have ever seen. To finish it off she paints delicate multi-colour flowers on her cheeks.)

Daughter: *sees herself in the mirror* “Wow, thank you!”

Face Painter: “No worries, anything for a polite little girl like you.”

(Manners cost nothing and sometimes you even get something for free!)

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