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Being Patient Doesn’t Have To Be A Tough Pill To Swallow

, , , , , | Right | CREDIT: Hammer_Unto_Dawn | October 19, 2020

Today, our prescription software was upgraded. We were promised that it would be faster, easier to use, and more stable.

We got none of these things. What we got was such a slowdown that ringing out patients and customers came to a crawl akin to a 3,000-year-old frozen carcass and the same stability as a radioactive isotope. It constantly freezes and errors out.

We have a family that has about 15-20 medicines between three people. There’s a good reason why we have an entire space set aside for said family, and their medical bills would be absolutely astronomical if they were on any other insurance coverage.

The father comes in. We try ringing everything up together, TWICE. Both times, our POS terminals crash, and we have to restart the entire terminal. The father takes it on the chin and sits back down, pulling his phone back out.

Finally, after a seeming six years waiting for a register to come back (and while in the middle of a rush, no less), we try again. After checking everyone in the family out individually, we’re FINALLY able to send him on his way.

I’m absolutely flabbergasted by how understanding and patient he was. Even after thanking him about a billion times for his patience, he still embodied the virtue of patience, despite how understandable it would have been for him to leave and come back another time, or let his frustration get ahold of him.

He didn’t ask for anything in return, even though he was probably waiting for a good hour while our registers decided to come back online, even offering me a fist bump before departing.

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