Being Patient Can Be Paint-ful

| California, USA | Working | March 29, 2013

(I’m with my dad at a local hardware store buying paint. We have bought paint at a sister store under the same company so we have their paint formula card with us. An elderly male employee comes up to us as we wait.)

Employee: “Can I help you guys today?”

My Dad: “Yes, we need a gallon of this paint right here. We have the formula.”

(After looking at the paint card, the employee grabs a gallon of white paint and gets ready to add the mix. He looks at the card for another two minutes before handing it back to my dad.)

Employee: “I hope you guys aren’t in a hurry because this may take awhile.”

(Note: it’s never taken more than a minute to mix paint at either store.)

My Dad: “Why? What’s the problem?”

Employee: “Well, you asked for a gallon of this color, but you gave me the formula for a quart of paint. I’m gonna need some time to convert the formula to gallon.”

(My dad and I turn and look at each other, completely dumbfounded at what the employee said. Choosing not to humiliate the guy we give in.)

My Dad: “Okay, I’ll come pick it up tomorrow morning.”

Employee: “Perfect, because [employee that’s a family friend of ours] is working then, so maybe she can figure this out!”

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