Being Lead Down A Strange Path

, , , , , | Right | April 23, 2021

I’m working in the fastener aisle when a customer walks up to me. I’m twenty and have only been learning about these things for two months. Both customers are dudes in their fifties.

Customer #1: “I need lead anchors.”

Me: “Lead anchors?”

Customer #1: “Yeah, they are made out of lead.”

Me: “Anchors made out of lead.”

Customer #1: “Yeah, they are made out of lead. You stick them in a hole in concrete and screw a screw in them and they split to anchor… Lead anchor.”

Me: “O-okay, that’s a lag shield; let me grab you one.”

Those are made with galvanized steel, not lead.

Customer #1: “Yeah, that’s it, thanks.”

I walk ten feet away.

Customer #2: “I need a lead anchor.”

Me: *Ponders my sanity for a moment* “A… lag shield?” *Grabs a lag shield* “This?”

Customer #2: “No, it has a tube thing and a pin you hammer down.”

Me: “A hammer set?” *Grabs a hammer set* “This?”

Customer #2: “Yeah, that’s it.”

I have never been asked for a lead anchor before or since. It was so bizarre that two customers needing different things were asking for lead anchors.

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