Being Late Is In Their Biology

| Singapore | Learning | July 14, 2014

(In a one-hour chemistry lecture the lecturer is running through concepts taught so far. Roughly 20 minutes in she stops.)

Lecturer: “YOU TWO! Come down here right now!”

(Two guys, running really late, go down to the lecturer from the back of the hall.)

Lecturer: “Can you two explain WHY you were late?”

Student #1: “We went to the toilet…”

Lecturer: “So, you two were late because you went to the toilet?”

Student #2: “Yep.”

Lecturer: “For 20 minutes?”

Student #2: “Errrr….”

Lecturer: “TOGETHER?!”

(The lecture theater breaks out with laughter, and then, with perfect timing, a girl arrives late at that moment, adjusting her skirt. It’s at this point no one in the lecture theatre can keep it together, including the lecturer herself.)

Lecturer: “All right, moving on from biology to chemistry…”

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