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Being Kind Is As Easy As Saying Gnocchi-Dokey!

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I am going through chemo. Eating is a challenge, few things sound good, and fewer taste okay. I’ve learned that even water can taste bad on chemo. I am out with my mom and niece for dinner. I’ve eaten a side dish of gnocchi at this restaurant before and it actually sounds appealing.

Me: “I’m wondering if I can order a double portion of the gnocchi and no entrée? I’ve had it before and it’s really good.”

Waiter: “I’ll check and see if I can do that.”

Mom: “Just so you know, my daughter is going through chemo and rarely wants to eat, so if she can eat this, it would be great.”

The waiter comes back and says of course they will do that for me. It’s really good and it’s so nice to eat a meal!

Later, he returns with a piece of their amazing Key Lime pie for me.

Waiter: “I had a grandmother go through chemo, and citrus flavors usually worked for her. I hope you can enjoy it.”

He had me in tears. When they brought our check, they had comped my food.

We stopped on the way out to talk to his manager. It’s sad; she came out looking apprehensive since people are so much more likely to complain than compliment. We told her how much we appreciated our waiter and how kind he had been. She said she was glad we stopped; his requests had been a little odd and she was glad to meet me. She said I could come back anytime for the gnocchi. And I did!

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