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Being Graphically Clear

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(Ever since my father retired, he’s been spending the winter months in Mexico. Around October, he comes around for dinner before leaving on his yearly trip. This year he asks me if I have any books I could lend him, so I hand over the first trilogy from my favourite author, plus a hardcover graphic novel I got for Christmas the year before.)

Me: “I know it’s a comic, but it’s really good, and I think you’ll like it. I lent it to Mom, and she loved it, too. [Best Friend] gave it to me, and she said she saw this–” *pointing to a quote on the cover that says something along the lines of “the best graphic novel I have read in years”* “–and she thought, ‘Well, at least someone likes it…’. I don’t know if you know who Neil Gaiman is, but that is high praise. This is a really good book.”

Dad: “Okay, I’ll give it a shot.”

(About six months later, my dad comes back to the country and stops by my place on the way to a friend’s. I’m not home, so he tosses a bag of books through my open window and texts me, “I dropped off your books, and a couple big ones I think you’ll enjoy!” A few days later, he drops by for dinner.)

Dad: “Hey, did you like those books I dropped off?”

Me: “Yeah, but you said there were two new ones, and all I saw was this one.” *holds up a really thick sci-fi book*

Dad: “No, there were two big ones I dropped off.”

Me: “But the only other big one was this.” *holds up the graphic novel*

Dad: “Yeah, that one! I thought you’d love it!”

Me: *glancing between him and the book* “…but this is mine.”

Dad: “Well, maybe you have a copy of it, but I found it and thought you’d love it!”

Me: “No, Dad, I gave this to you at the same time I gave you that trilogy. [Best Friend] gave this to me. Remember when I was talking about the Neil Gaiman quote?”

Dad: “Oh… well… I guess there was a reason I knew you’d like it!” *laughs*

(To his credit, I did quite enjoy the sci-fi book that actually was new to me. I then lent him all of the books I had for my favourite author’s next series, and when he returned them to me he was almost as disappointed as I was about the three-year wait for the final one to come out. Fortunately for me, I only have another couple of months to go, but unfortunately for him, he’ll have been in Mexico for a few weeks by then and will have to wait until his return before reading it.)

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