Being Frosty Is A Good Thing

, , , , | Hopeless | March 6, 2019

(One hot summer’s day, my college roommate and I decide we are in the mood for a frosty from Wendy’s. Neither of us has a car, so since it is nice out, we walk the mile and a half to get there. Unfortunately, the lobby is closed for renovations. Since there are no cars at the drive-thru, we walk up to the window to ask if there’s any way we can order there.)

Cashier: “Sorry, ladies, but we can’t take walk-up orders at the drive-thru for safety reasons.”

Roommate: “Bummer, after that long walk. Thanks, anyway!” *we turn to leave*

Cashier: “Hold on a sec.” *looks around furtively* “Here.” *hands me his keys* “My car is right there; just pull through real quick.”

(And so we did! The frosties were delicious! We are forever grateful to you, kind cashier!)

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