Being A Working Mother Is Hard Enough Without You

, , , , | Right | November 12, 2018

(I am a customer in a grocery store that offers free childcare while you are shopping. I have just dropped off my child, filled out the forms, and taken the pager. I turn to leave the window and find an older woman customer right behind me.)

Customer: “You can’t leave your child here. They don’t get paid to watch your kid. In my day we watched our own kids.”

Me: “This is the childcare. They do watch your child.”

Employee: “Yes, ma’am. This is free childcare while you shop.”

Customer: “They have actual jobs! You can’t leave your child here!”

(I walk around the woman to start shopping. She begins to follow me.)

Customer: “Don’t you walk away and leave your child here! I will call the police!”

(I ignore her and keep walking. She follows, but I see the store manager coming my way.)

Manager: “Is there a problem here?”

Customer: “Yes! She just dumped her child on one of your employees and expects them to watch the child while she shops.”

Manager: “Ma’am, that’s what the childcare is for. We watch your child while you shop.”

Customer: “Well, in my day…”

(I manage to get down the next aisle and continue my shopping. A few minutes later I end up at the end of a completely different aisle where this customer is now berating a stocker.)

Customer: “I can’t believe your manager wouldn’t do anything. I’m going to need the corporate contact number.”

Stocker: “Ma’am, for the record, I’m only working here because the store on [Street] had to close their childcare center because it wasn’t used enough. I’m going to college, and that store was closer to me. When the childcare center closed, I had my choice of being laid off or coming here to work stock. Are you really telling me you want my coworkers to lose their jobs in the childcare center? Really?”

(She finally wandered off, grumbling under her breath. I still don’t know why she thought it was terrible to leave my child in the childcare center where the employees are, in fact, paid to watch them.)

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