Being A Bloke About The Coke

| Romantic | May 24, 2012

(My fiancé and I are having a late dinner at a diner after we get off work. I order a Diet Coke.)

Me: *takes sip of drink* “Aw man, she gave me a regular Coke.”

Fiancé: “Just tell her about it when she comes back to take our order.”

(We order our food and the waitress goes to put in her order. I forget to mention the drink mix-up; however, my fiancé does not.)

Fiancé: *very loudly* “Hey, could you please bring her a Diet Coke instead of a regular?”

Me: “Thanks for remembering! Although now everyone here thinks you’re a chauvinistic jerk.”

Fiancé: “Yeah, that did make me look bad, didn’t it?”

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