Behaving Like Animals

| Friendly | March 13, 2016

(A friend is telling us how much work she has to do looking after several different types of animals at her place. She has chronic illness and tires very easily.)

Friend #1: “Why do you have so many animals?”

Friend #2: “Oh, they aren’t mine; they are [Son]’s.”

Friend #1: “Why are you looking after [Son]’s animals? Why aren’t they at his place?”

Friend #2: “Oh, when he or [Son’s Wife] gets sick of them they usually bring them over to me.”

Friend #1: “That’s terrible. You can’t be expected to look after the pets he doesn’t want; you should get him to take them back.”

Friend #2: “Oh, no, he now has other animals. He bought rabbits the other day and has a [breed of dog].”

Friend #1: “I thought he had a different breed of dog]?”

Friend #2: “Oh, yes, he did, but that dog was too much for them to look after. They wanted me to take him but he didn’t get on with my little dog, so he gave him to another friend.”

Friend #1: “Why does he keep getting pets if they get too much for him to look after?”

Friend #2: “Oh, he just loves animals.”

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