Behaving Delinquently

, , , , | Right | March 11, 2020

I’m working on the shop floor of a supermarket, and one of my main jobs is handling delinquents — basically any item that’s been handed in as unwanted at the tills or left in the wrong place in the store.

Anyone who has worked in a supermarket will know how draining this is: people will leave things in the most ridiculous places. I’m in the frozen aisle looking out for any refrigerated items — so much milk and bread ends up in the freezers — when I spot a brown and black bag.

It’s a chicken, specifically, one of the hot, cooked chickens that we have for sale at the front of the store. Someone decided to buy a hot chicken, got almost to the other side of the store, and changed their mind, and then they decided the best place to put it was the freezer?

Granted, discarded hot chickens have to be wasted no matter where we find them, but we also had to waste the frozen item next to it because it was noticeably warm. The chicken remained the most amusing misplaced item until I left, only possibly matched by the half-drunk [Fast Food Place] coffee also found in the freezer.

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