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Behaving Badly In Any Language

| Right | July 17, 2017

(A customer walks up to me asking for a deposit slip, which are in English and Spanish. When I hand her one she looks at it and immediately starts huffing and puffing.)

Customer: “I don’t read Spanish!”

Me: “The slip is in English and Spanish.”

Customer: “Well, I don’t know what you want me to put. This is Spanish!”

(The first line says account title which just means customer name.)

Me: “You just put you first and last name.”

Customer: *who is clearly angry at this point* “You need to give me an English one!”

Me: “It’s okay, just fill in your first and last name.”

(After going back and forth with the customer for 30 seconds about the slip she gets fed up and proceeds to tell me my customer service is horrible, and storms over to my manager standing across the room. I am still in earshot.)

Customer: “Your employee refuses to give me an English slip. You need to tell your employees that this is horrible service! If I want an English slip you should give me one!”

Manager: “Ma’am, I’m very sorry! Unfortunately we can not do anything about the slips as they are the only kind we have.”

Customer: “Well, your employee over there was rude. I can’t read Spanish! I wanted a new form and she refused to give me one!”

(After the manager explained once again what I had just said she continues to grow infuriated.)

Customer: “I work in customer service and this is not how you should treat customers!”

Manager: *who is taken aback* “So since you work in customer service how would you react to coming into your place of business in the manner that you are? Shouldn’t you be understanding to someone who is trying to service you?”

(The customer was shocked and realized she wasn’t going anywhere with her arguing, bowed her head down, and quickly walked out, shooting a glance my way that definitely looked like she realized she lost.)

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