Beguiling Bagels

, , , | Right | December 13, 2017

(I’m standing in line at a popular bakery behind this customer. Their bagels are very good, and only $2 each.)

Customer: “I would like six or seven bagels.”

Worker: “Sorry, was that six or seven?”

Customer: “Yes. Six or seven bagels.”

Worker: *puts seven in a bag and hands them to the customer* “That will be $14, please.”

Customer: “What?”

Worker: “$14 please, sir.”

Customer: “I wanted six bagels. Why is it $14?!”

Worker: “Oh! I’m sorry. I’ll put one back.” *she holds out her hand for the bag*

Customer: “No! No! What are you not understanding?! I wanted seven bagels! But I only want to pay for six!”

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