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Befuddled & Bizarre

, , , , | Right | CREDIT: Eranidus | November 28, 2021

In June 2020, my wife and I bought a house in a small city in the east of the Netherlands (not Holland), in an area with lots of camping spots and bed-and-breakfasts. It needed a bit of work; it needed a new kitchen, some wall fixing, and of course, getting rid of big heating plates and replacing them with floor heating.

This house also has a front garden. Well, more like, “Let’s put some stuff in randomly and some boxwood in a pattern and let the weeds cover the rest!” And the front window had a small leak, which caused some moisture between the glass plates. Not the finest front a house can have.

During the summer holiday, we started replacing the kitchen and did some more work, and the house was getting somewhere. Three months later, the kitchen was in and it is getting homier. Finally, we had time to relax, enjoy the fruits of our labor, and float in the swimming pool.

But then, I heard the doorbell. I went to the door and saw two people: a man and a woman in their forties with backpacks. Why would they be here?

Me: “Yes?”

Woman: “Hi! We want to stay here for the night; we made a reservation.”

A reservation? For what? Using the toilet? Getting a negative-one-star dinner with my cooking skills?

Me: “Reservation for what?”

Woman: “For the B&B.”

In the meantime, the man was just standing behind her, struggling with his backpack.

Me: “Um, this is not a B&B; this is my house.”

Then, there were a few seconds of silence as the couple and I just stood, looking around. It felt  like five hours.

Woman: “Oh! Okay, where is the B&B, then?”

Me: “I think there is one down the street.”

Woman: “Ah, okay! Bye.”

And they left. The man never said anything.

I kept wondering why they would think this was a B&B? I searched on the Internet and found the answer. I live at number twenty-seven. There is a B&B at number seventeen.

I checked the B&B. They have a lovely garden and even a sign at their house. My house doesn’t have that.

I can’t wait for next summer to see if more people come to my house.

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