Been Unable To Think Outside The Box For Thirty Years

, , , | Working | May 21, 2020

It is thirty years ago or so that I buy some minor household appliance, take it home, unpackage it, and use it. A week or two later, it conks out. I’m pretty handy, but this thing is kaput, beyond anything I’d even attempt to fix! I take it back to the store. They refuse to exchange it because I haven’t brought it back in the box. I am incredulous.

Me: “Do you really expect me to hang onto the box in anticipation of it crapping out on me?”

Employee: “Yes.”

They are ready to end the discussion, but I persist.

Me: “If I had a box for it, would you accept the exchange?”

Employee: “Yes, of course.”

I grabbed a new unit off the shelf, took it out of the box, put the broken one into the box, handed it to them, and left!

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