Been Over-Demanding Of Late

| Working | January 16, 2015

(Every Saturday from eight until five I work in a small flower shop which has two stores, one in my hometown and one in a nearby town. I switch shops every week. This is two months before a party of a very good friend of mine, which will take place on a Friday night in a place two and a half hours away by car. Since I will have to be at work very early the next morning, I decide to ask if it’s okay to come in a little later the morning after the party.)

Me: “Hey, [Boss], is it okay for me to come in a little later on [date two months away]?”

Boss: “You’re working in [store in the other town] that day, right? It’s fine by me, but you’ll have to discuss that with your coworker for that day”

(So, the next Saturday, I ask my coworker the same question.)

Coworker: “Of course! I’ll put it on the calendar, so everyone knows, and it’ll be fine. There’s hardly any customers in the morning anyways, and I can deal with those on my own for two hours.”

(Happy, I text my friend I’ll be able to come over. The Tuesday before the party, however, I get a text message from my boss.)

Text: “Hello, [My Name], this calendar here says you’ll be coming in late this Saturday. I’ve never approved of this, so you’re just going to have to be here at eight am. It’s going to be a very busy day, and you better not be late.”

(Having everything ready for the party and not wanting to disappoint anyone, I decided to go anyway, and just drive back very early the next morning. When I got to work my boss was actually waiting for me to show up late, and, after seeing that I was there on time, left without a word. The kicker? I didn’t have a single customer until one pm!)

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