Beelzebub Has A Customer Put Aside For Me

| Working | June 28, 2013

(One of my cashiers comes into work, obviously under the influence of a certain herbal supplement. This doesn’t really bother me as long as he can do his job, so I continue about my business, and spend several minutes speaking to a pleasant elderly customer.)

Customer: “I’m buying this for my church. We’re having an event this week.”

Me: “Oh, that’s nice.”

(My cashier comes over, and starts talking to the woman as well, because he heard her mention she used to be a teacher in New York, which where he’s from. After a moment, he returns to his register, and she goes over to speak to him after she completes her purchase. After she leaves…)

Cashier: “Yo, I got something deep to tell you.”

Me: “What’s that?”

Cashier: “That old lady just now? The one I was talking to?”

Me: “Yeah?”

Cashier: “She was a demon. She said she was going to break me, but she couldn’t. I defeated her with my soul. They can’t use me!”

Me: “…Okay. That’s… I’m going to clean. Over there.”

Cashier: “You never know when you’re gonna be tested!”

Me: “I guess not…”

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