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(I’m 15 years old and am noticing that a mole I’ve had on my stomach area since birth is becoming red and inflamed and is extremely sensitive to the touch. I tell this to my mother, and she arranges a dermatologist appointment.)

Doctor: *to me* “So, are you [Mom]?”

Me: “No, I’m [My Name]. My mom just made the appointment.”

Doctor: *nods* “Okay, then, what’s the problem?”

Me: *lifting my shirt just enough to show the mole, which happens to be inflamed and red at the time of the appointment* “This mole on my stomach’s been really sensitive lately. It’s inflamed and red and just the fabric of my shirt moving against it hurts a lot.”

Doctor: *pokes the mole* “Well, it doesn’t look like cancer.”

(While I was relieved to later have a biopsy done and hear the results were cancer-free, I never really felt all that comfortable hearing the news from this doctor.)

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