Because The Checkout Clerk Controls The Prices For The Whole Company

, , , , | Right | May 6, 2019

(I work in a cafe and this exchange happens at least weekly.)

Me: “That’ll be [price], then, please.”

Customer: “What?!”

(Cue back and forth where I explain to them that yes, the prices are the same as on the massive menu board directly above their head, and yes, you DO have to pay for your drinks… which are also listed on said menu board.)

Customer: “Well, I never! I’ve never heard of such prices! And you have to pay extra for [extra item], too?! This is outrageous!”

Me: *sick to my back teeth of hearing this* “I’m afraid I don’t have any control over the prices, sir. I can take some items off for you if you like?”

Customer: “Yes, I know it’s not up to you; there’s no need to get all defensive! It’s not you that I’m pissed off at!”

Me: *internally* “Funny, for someone who claims to know it’s not my fault, you sure enjoy yelling at me for something I have no control over.”

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