Because Mocha Sounds Sooo Much Like Frappuccino

| | Right | July 2, 2008

Customer: “Hi, I’d like two large strawberries and cream Frappuccinos.”

Me: “Alright, anything else with that?”

Customer: “No, that’s all.”

(I make her drinks and hand them out.)

Customer: “These are cold…”

Me: “You ordered two large strawberries and cream Frappuccinos.”

Customer: “Oh! You know what? I actually meant I wanted two large mochas. The hot drinks!”

(Duh, how could I not have gotten that from her original order?)

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  • Kalu-chan

    “Because Mocha Sounds So Much Like Frappucino”
    Well… Now, of course the option that the customer is wrong is very possible, that mistake isn’t *that* huge. Just yesterday when I ordered a Cheeseburger and small chips, I ended getting a Cheeseburger and a small *Fanta*. I somewhat understand Fries Fanta, but “Pommes” (German for French fries) vs Fanta?

    • heatherjasper

      To, kind of, build on what you said, I used to have so much trouble distinguishing between “Sprite”, “fries”, and “pies” when I first started doing drive-through. I now say “French fries” to clarify things; Sprite and pies have sorted themselves out.