Because Customer Service Builds Extra Rooms

, , , | Right | December 10, 2019

(We are sold out, as is pretty much every hotel in town — not unusual in a tourist town at the height of the season. A man comes in without a reservation.)

Me: “I’m sorry, sir. We are sold out tonight.”

Customer: “But the hotel across the street lost my reservation!”

Me: “I really am sorry but there is nothing I can do. All but one of my rooms has checked in and that person called to say they will be late. I can’t kick someone out. Does it need to be in Bozeman or are you heading east or west?”

Customer: “We are going to Yellowstone in the morning! Why can’t you help me?!”

Me: “Because I’m full up. Mostly with people also going to Yellowstone. Three Forks might have something but they are west of here. Other than that, I’ve had people going to Billings or Butte. Everywhere close is full.”

Customer: *as he stomps out the door* “Well, you need better customer service!”

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