Became The Butt Of Your Own Joke

| Learning | March 4, 2015

(My music teacher is in a middle of a talk of how he went to see an orchestra performance.)

Teacher: “Yes, so, at that performance, I noticed the conductors likes to hold the last note, even though it’s not written on the music. I have no idea why we both do that.”

Me: “Just to be a butt.”

(That was when I realized he had stopped talking and everyone in the classroom heard my comment.)

Teacher: *laughing* “Sorry, what did you say?”

Me: *quickly* “Nothing…”

Teacher: *still laughing* “I’m sure you said something.”

Me: *becoming embarrassed* “Nope, nope. Didn’t say a word.”

Teacher: “You’re changing color. You said something.”

Me: *shaking my head quickly*

Teacher: “All right… So, the reason people hold the last note to get have the performers practice better. NOT to be a butt…”

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